What a wonderful place is Chile

“I cannot live in another place. Chile is my home.”

Por Jeff Figueroa

A mind-blowing place to visit

If I had the opportunity to choose in which country I have to live I would say Chile thousand times because of the people who live here 

«I love Chile above all things and not even the most painful circumstances I have to face will prevent me, with all the strength of my spirit, at a distance, always repeating a thousand times, Viva Chile.»

Though Chile may be south america´s narrowest country, stretching more than 2.600 miles down the western coast and averaging only 109 miles wide, it also may be the continent´s most geographically diverse. From vast deserts and salt marshes, to snow-capped volcanoes and craggy glaciers, Chile packs and unforgettable punch with its seemingly endless natural wonders. Whether you are looking for urban nightlife in Santiago´s bohemian Bellavista neighborhood, a civilized tasting of spicy shiraz wines or an outdoor adventure trekking alongside sparkling lakes in the shadow of a volcano, a vacation in Chile will exceed your expectations.

I really recommend to visit The Patagonia region. This place comprises parts of both Chile and Argentina.

Plan to visit The rocky spires known as Torres del Paine, a number of tiny villages, weather-worn gauchos, penguin-inhabited islands and The Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, the region´s most popular destination.

Considering the coastline runs for more than 2.600 miles down the length of Chile, it´s no surprise that the country dishes up a good deal of seafood, including oysters, clams, king crab and sea bass. Still, make sure to eat a parrillada, or grill restaurant, offering various meats cooked over hot coals.

Do not miss out on Chile´s delicious wines, which have become internationally recognized, in particular wines from the carmenere grape.

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