Have you ever been to «La Piojera»?

“The place has functioned as a bar since 1896.”

Por Jeff Figueroa

Everyone of us has enjoyed a good restaurant once-in-life-time but, what a favourite restaurant means. It is something in somewhere that you can just go and eat because you were hungry. Or, it is also that you can remember like a place where the service was great, the food presentation was amazing or simply you felt an atmosphere that awoke a feeling for this place. Obviously, there are plenty of factors that determine which restaurant is better than others. From my point of view, there is only one that meets all my expectations and it is called «La piojera».

La piojera is located in down town Santiago among huge buildings and small businesses that block it. We have lost the taste for the good things, incredibly, memorable and unforgettable places around us. We do not know what we have near us we are bound by this new lifestyle: The consumerism. Perhaps, this restaurant is not as valuable as others. However, there is something special that brings out for decades: Traditions and culture.

With its sticky floors, powerful terremoto drinks and scribbled-on tables La Piojera is famous for its boisterous crowd and down-to-earth atmosphere. Locals and visitors alike enjoy this beloved dive bar, a must-see destination for anyone seeking adventure and a powerful beverage.

«La Piojera is a touristy place where people from any part of the world enjoy listenning to traditional music for instance Violeta Parra, cuecas chilenas and other types of cueca. This is the reason why the number of customers soars every year.»

This «picá» is undoubtedly one of the meet places where you can recognize the most genuine forms of popular urban links. Eternal toasts, spontaneous cantons, «Pichangas» and a fraternity to all test. The place has functioned as a bar since 1896 and several have been their names, such as «Santiago antiguo» or «Bar democratico», to name a few. At least five presidents of Chile have passed through this place: Arturo Alessandri Palma, Juan Antonio Rios, Eduardo Frei Montalva, Salvador Allende and Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle.

It is a place of a permanent party. La piojera is the meet place par excellence of chilean popular culture. The «guachacas» are traditional local characters who tend to drink and eat traditional chilean food at anytime. So, if you want to party at la La Piojera you will find them, no matter if it is in the afternoon or early morning.

It is a place of social and cultural convergence. As it is a place of permanent party, it is always full and that makes it one of the most important tourist spots in Santiago. People from the most diversed sectors of Santiago – downtown and uptown – and tourist of different nationalities come to La Piojera. There is no difference; all what matters is that you want to have some fun.

It has the best chilean drink the «Terremoto» (or «earthquake») is a typical chilean beverage. It is made of pineapple ice cream, old wine – known as «pipeño» – and grenadine. When you drink too much «terremoto», then you feel like a real one. Some drinkers describe that it feels like the ground shakes and that everything is spinning, but commonly, it is actually nothing more than a binge.

On balance, although «La Piojera» is far from my house, I often try to go there with some friends to enjoy a traditional and lively moment. Since my first time something arose from this experience and that was the opportunity to know a historical and patrimonial place. Besides, it is where celebrities have passed through the years.

This place pushed me to visit it every time I could and the answer to this reaction is simple. La Piojera has delicious, varied, well-presented dishes and I love it. The prices are reasonable and affordable for those who want to have a great time with friends or family.

La Piojera is a touristy place where people from any part of the world enjoy listenning to traditional music for instance Violeta Parra, cuecas chilenas and other types of cueca. This is the reason why the number of customers soars every year.

If you have decided to visit Chile do not lose the opportunity to visit this fantastic restaurant. I remind you it is not only a restaurant it is a historical and patrimonial place of our own culture and tradition, as well. 

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