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Por Jeff Figueroa

Nowadays the best way to learn english

A distance learning course is simply an educational course that is delivered remotely, meaning that students can complete some or all of their coursework without having to be physically present in a classroom on any campus. … Hybrid Courses blend distance learning with traditional classroom-based delivery methods.

«Shall I take my next course online or shall I stick with my face-to-face classes?»

Despite the fact that you spend your time learning in front of a computer screen, the experience is not as memorable and unforgettable as a course abroad which you may learn how to communicate with real people face to face and to live exciting moments. Also, you shall probably enjoy iconic places that an online course can not offer to you. In this essay, I will examine pros and cons of considering which one could be a better option to study english.

Statistically an online course is much more popular among young people or those who are familiar with technology than those who are conventional. Therefore, positive things have been presenting to them such as saving time and money, studying within your own schedule, and so on. To a certain extent, most of people agree with this advantages. However, an inadvertent consideration that is essential to understand how it works, because life given to us just only once and if you choose and online course which you spend most of your time on a laptop screen alone feeling isolated perhaps, you would miss enriching experiences which feed your soul. It ought to be noted that a lot of people think that online courses are a sheer set of opposing ideals.

First of all, some of advantages are:

-Flexibility: The great thing about learning online is that each one of us can choose when, where and for how long to practise.

-Possibility to speak with native speakers: Everyone can create a linguistic tandem, you will be able to practise any language you are learning with. A native speaker just staying at home.

-Improves responsibility: It is up to the student when to study and how much, this definitely helps to improve the sense of responsibility toward the subject.

-Free access: Learning a language is expensive and therefore it is not for everybody, but thanks to the online tools many people can learn a new language for free.

On the contrary, there are disadvantages.

-Low motivation: If the student is not motivated enough they will probably end up not studying every day.

-Possibility to speak with a native speaker: When we speak with any random native speaker we might acquire a bad pronunciation or bad grammar.

-Lack of a personalized path of study: Studying on the internet does not allow the student to change the path that is already established by the app or the website that they are using.

To summarize, although many people may like the idea of using network to learn a new language, it seems to me that if you had the opportunity to travel and study a language or enrol on a course about a specific subject, you would have the experience not only to study that new skill also you may meet incredible people and share your own experiencies. Of course, a crash course online has many advantages, but it can not provide the same experiencies that a course in other country offers.

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